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Just a Country Gal

I was born in the rugged Hill Country of Texas. From an early age, I remember being fascinated by legends of strong Texas women. From rodeo riders to ranch hands, these women held their own in a land that was as harsh and un-forgiving as it was beautiful. I love particularly the cowgirl, who proved that, alongside any cowboy, she could rope and ride with the best of them. She could herd long-horn cattle all day and that evening turn out a batch of beans and biscuits that would knock your boots off.

When I paint cowgirls, I try to capture their strong, confident manner. Some of my paintings of western women are shown on my portfolio page and their boots, spurs, chaps and hats set the mood. Usually I paint on watercolor paper, but as an alternative, I sometimes paint on wood which gives a more rustic element into the piece. The finished pieces are sprayed several times with an acrylic spray varnish to seal them.

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