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Ideas For A Series

La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf Portrait

Often I like to create a series. But fresh, exciting ideas for an entire series don’t pop up very often. Sometimes luck has a lot to do with it. One very lucky inspiration for a series happened out of just going to a movie. When I saw “La Vie en Rose”, I became obsessed with Edith Piaf and her sad, melancholy voice that propelled her from the dark streets of Paris to the footlights of world famous cafés. After I left the theater, in tears, I bought a CD of her songs and played it constantly in my studio. One night listening to her haunting voice, I started painting her and didn’t stop for weeks until I was finally over her.

By then I had finished a series of eight paintings based on her life. It was my favorite series to date. Yes, ideas you really can fall in love with, like that one, don’t come along every day. Sometimes, like I say, you just get lucky.

Until we meet again,


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